Aunna- Walker, Iowa

Shelley I can’t thank you enough for our reading today. You were 100% spot on.

There are things you brought up no one even knows about yet that I was contemplating. The fact that you were able to connect with my father and grandmother meant the world to me. It has been so incredibly difficult from dad’s passing, but you made this process so much better.

You are a gift from God. Thank you again.

Kristina, San Antonio, Texas


You are amazing!! Thank you for my reading yesterday and for making me feel so relaxed. You were spot on as soon as we began and all those J’s came through loud and clear. I had been so wrought with sadness as we discussed, but you brought peace to me immediately. The fact that you said my father, my brother-in-law and my father-in-law were there to greet my husband when he passed helped me so much – you wouldn’t even believe it. I thank you for bringing through the messages from our family for me, my boys, my sister and my mom they helped immensely. Even though my husband recently passed, his messages were clear and have helped me so much. I cried so much after our phone call, not only from sadness (I miss my family members so much), but from relief and peace because of the messages you brought through.

I cannot emphasize enough to everyone how much I encourage others to have a reading. I have always been a believer, but never reached out for help. Someone guided me to Shelley and I thank them everyday for leading me to her. She is honest, caring and so precise. You will find what you seek.

Thank you again Shelley, from the bottom of my heart and all our J’s!!

San Antonio, TX

Tami, Illinois

Sharon, Melbourne, Australia

A wonderful first reading experience! 

So accurate, and a lovely warm person to deliver personal information. 


Thank you…

Glenda, Maryland

I have had many readings before and all were good.


The day of my reading my sister-in-law and her mother were with me.


My step-father of 30 years had committed suicide on August 17, 2006. Not only did Shelley bring him in that soon, she described him accurately and what had happened to him. Not only did she describe him, she repeated to me the exact eulogy I had given at his funeral! My niece, (his granddaughter), had written a poem for him. Shelley said, ” It sounds strange, but he says he actually has the poem with him!”  I said, “No Shelley, that is not strange, he does have it, because she and I went up to the casket, and placed it on his heart to be kept with him” Shelley described in full details many signs and messages from my step-father to the whole family. She described one of my sisters and my mom shopping together, after his passing.


My family is BIG, on this side and the other. I have read about, seen and listened to many Mediums, but never have I heard one bring through as many spirits as Shelley did. She even brought through my biological father who was hit by a car and killed in 1976 at the age of 43. My biological father and my mother had 11 children together. Shelley gave exact details of my fathers passing.and what led up to it.  She brought messages through to and about all of us from my step-father and biological father. Messages to all still here.


I still think about it everyday. It has helped myself and my family, through a lot. Often the human side of me takes over, and then I refer myself to this reading, to remind myself and others that….all is well with our loved ones on the other side.


For all of the animal lovers out there, yes, our love for our pets carries on too. Before our reading even started, Shelley picked up that I had some spirit communication abilities, and that I had a “Special Little Dog” in the house.  My dogs name is Precious, and she has been with me for the last 12 years. Shelley said she is here to teach me about awareness. Even though Shelley knew my dog was here, in my house, she couldn’t understand why she kept seeing my dog as crossed over. In meditation and dream visions, I had gotten the information that my dog had indeed been with me once before and crossed over. She was sent back to me to teach me about unconditional love! I call her my Angel Dog.


Bless Shelley, she is so awesome. I smile every time I think about this reading. I know she must have been tired, but she continued on until all the spirits had their say.




Glenda and Family


Amy, Martinez, CA

My heart has been torn since the suicide of my beloved son. Shelley comforted me with information no one else could possibly know. May kindness return to you in the same BEAUTIFUL way that it was given.

I will definitely do another reading. I want to know what direction my life will take. I wish I could of talked to you for hours.


Thank you.


Shannon, Yorktown, VA

I have already written about Shelley in a previous testimonial, but I have more to say. I can not stress enough just how wonderful it is to talk to her. She seems to know just what you are really after.


The mediumship is always very rewarding. It never fails if something does not make sense at first, it will later on! Shelley just amazes me with her talent again and again.


The spiritual counseling is very informative for anyone who is wondering if they are on the right path and what to do to make it more rewarding.


Along the lines of animal communication, in my first reading she was right on with my Golden Retriever having a problem biting her paw! I had two dogs then. She also mentioned that I would have another pet and 2 months went by and I got a Pug for my birthday from my husband!


I am so impressed by Shelley, her energy is wonderful and she makes you so at ease over the phone. I have had many readings over the years, but Shelley Duffy is the only person I would recommend to anyone!


Liz Q., CA

In 2001, Shelley said to me, ” I feel that in the near future, you will make a name for yourself. You need to be more serious about your gift. Don’t treat it like a hobby. Don’t be shy about it, you are going to help a lot of people. You will be doing what I am doing. You will be very successful.”


She was so right! She is wonderful!


She read for me at a psychic fair, it was right on!


Thank You Shelley….Liz


Sonia, Whittier, CA

Well, the reading itself was amazing!

I had a one hour phone reading. I wanted to get in contact with my brother, and with Shelley, I did. Even my dog came through during the reading! I am definitely going to be doing this again, but go in-person, with my mom.


Thanks for all the help.




Kim, Cleveland, Ohio

Thanks for the reading Shelley!

You were right on target with so many things. I also appreciated your sense of humor! I would definitely call again.


God Bless


Ania Lian, Australia

I want to thank you for a most comprehensive and validation-filled reading. I did not know what to expect, but your psychic and mediumship abilities were shining through the reading and were so useful, as I needed them both. You even connected me to someone I have never met in person.


I recommend Shelley to anyone interested in getting a reading. It was all information, no judgment, and all validation. I was touched by it.


Readings of this kind, despite their varied focus, remind us that life has value in itself, and wherever we are, there it is.


Kelli, CA

My mother and I had a reading with Shelley, which was the first for both of us. She brought through my father, who had recently passed, and was able to answer some questions we had about his passing.  She also brought through our other family members who have passed, and it was very comforting to know they are all together and happy on the other side.I recorded the session for my husband, who is a skeptic, and he was so impressed by the reading that he now wants to schedule his own!


She even brought through messages for my children, who have been devastated by the sudden loss of their beloved Grandpa.


Thank you Shelley, for giving comfort and validation to my whole family!


Cat, Midwest

My partner and I both had readings from Shelley this past weekend.


It was wonderful to share energy with her. She is a fabulous reader. Spot on. Great sense of humor. A compassionate and personable individual as well.


I recommend her highly. She won’t disappoint.


Thank you Shelley.

Blessings to you and your guides.


Glenda, Maryland

I wanted to try something new. I went to James Van Praagh’s website, to the chat logs and clicked on your chat about communicating with spirit. I tried the meditation to open your chakras. I find it works very well.


I always smile when I think of you, which is often.


Your meditation works great!


You can use this testimonial.






Shannon, Yorktown, VA

I would recommend Shelley Duffy to anyone.

I have had many readings in the past, but none have put my mind at ease until her reading. She knew right away what I had called for.


Thank you so much Shelley, for easing my mind and being the genuine person you are!


Ericka, CA

I went to see Shelley for the first time this last weekend and I felt that she was able to read me. Unlike a lot of other “psychics”, she did not ask me loads of questions to give me a reading off of my answers. I felt very satisfied after leaving. I also felt comfortable. I have had a few readings in the past where I left feeling uneasy. Feeling as though there was a lot of dark, negative energy coming from the reader. But with Shelley, I felt she was very light and genuinely there to help.


I would, and have, recommended my friends to her and will continue to see her when I feel the need to do so.

Rosemary, CA

My mother (who is still with us) had been sick for some time and I knew that two of her fears are of dying and of what lies on the other side. I had her go see Shelley and I asked her not to say anything since she is such a skeptic and I didn’t want her to think that she had given Shelley information she could use to read her. Shelley told my mom that a next-door neighbor was coming across to send love. He was claiming to be very close to her like a brother. She said he pointed to his chest giving the idea that he died suddenly of a heart attack. Shelley described his long silver and gray hair, and face, build, etc., even the Hawaiian shirt he was wearing. Every time Shelley gave my mom information from him, she said she didn’t know what Shelley was talking about.


Right after her reading, I had one with Shelley. Before we began, she asked if that had been my mom and I said, “Yes.” She asked me if I knew of someone near to my mom that had recently passed on. I told her that my Godfather, her next-door neighbor had just passed on with a heart attack. Every detail Shelley gave my mother was true–the hair, build, shirts he always wore, etc. I was, again, impressed. But talk about psychic amnesia! When I asked my mom about her reading, the only thing she said was, “Well, I didn’t want him to come through, I wanted my mother or sister”.


During my reading with Shelley, she told me I was pregnant and that I would have a baby who would be a healer and that he was already around me–that he was already communicating with me and my family. (She was right! He was.) She said she saw him and described his personality. Now that he’s here and is a little over 1 year old, wow, he’s got that personality.


Just another note: Shelley read my friend, Annabel (who asked me to share this). She said that everything Shelley told her was going on in her life, really was. She laughed when Shelley asked her if she had kids, and then before Annabel could answer, she said “Never mind, they’re saying that you do–you have two, an older girl and a younger boy.’


I could go on, but I’ll leave room for others.


Again, thank you Shelley for the wonderful work that you do.


Jackie, CA

They say that everything happens for a reason. I used to hate that saying! When tragedy struck my family about three and a half years ago, I desperately needed answers. My husband, who had just celebrated his 40th birthday, suddenly collapsed into a coma and died two weeks later. He left behind a wife (me), and three daughters, ages 9, 12, and 16 years of age. I was very angry, and could find no good reason why something like this should happen. The first year after his death, I spent my time in a numb state, just going through the motions of my life, waiting to wake up from this awful nightmare. In the past, I had seen people such as Sylvia Browne, John Edward, and James Van Praagh on the television claiming to be connecting with loved ones that had passed over. It was entertaining but I never gave it much thought. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe, but no one that I felt especially close to had ever died, so it didn’t mean a whole lot to me.


Then one day I was taking a shower and crying as usual, and I looked up to see a red balloon with a happy face starring right at me. A friend of my oldest daughter had given her a bouquet of balloons to cheer her up and only one of them had a happy face on it. Somehow, that one balloon was able to break away from the rest of the balloons, make it’s way down the hallway from her bedroom, come into my bedroom and then into the connecting bathroom where I was showering. I kept trying to make some sense out of how the balloon got there, but couldn’t. After that occurrence, other strange things started happening around our home.


I started reading any and every book I could find on metaphysics. After doing a lot of research on the subject, I came to believe that all the strange occurrences were in fact, my husband, letting me know that he was around us. I went on the internet, trying to find out how to go about having a reading with Sylvia Browne, John Edward or James Van Praagh. I wanted to make sure that the psychic medium that I chose for a reading was for real, not some scam artist capitalizing on other peoples’ misery and misfortune. I had no idea that the wait time to have a reading with one of these famous people was years. I couldn’t wait that long, I needed to connect with my husband now! That’s how I found Shelley Duffy and The Learning Light Foundation. Actually, it was my close girlfriend who had discovered The Learning Light Foundation and told me about it.


We learned that The Learning Light had psychic mediums that did readings and also offered classes on meditation and psychic development and many other topics having to do with metaphysics. My girlfriend and I had been sharing information on metaphysics for some time and decided to take a class first to see if we felt comfortable having a reading with one of their psychic mediums. The class that my girlfriend and I felt led to was taught by Shelley Duffy. I don’t know what I expected but I was blown away with Shelley’s knowledge and understanding on how the spirit world works at communicating with all of us.


My girlfriend and I decided to schedule readings with Shelley as soon as we could. Shelley’s abilities as a psychic medium reached far beyond what either one of us thought possible. Shelley knew things about me, my family, and my husband that she couldn’t possibly have known. Some very personal, that were known only by myself and of course, my husband. I didn’t need anymore convincing; I knew that Shelley was definitely connecting with my husband. Going through the grieving process is different for everyone; all I can do is speak from my own experience. Shelley has helped me in so many ways through my grieving process, using her psychic abilities and her gift of mediumship.


Besides being psychic and being able to connect with loved ones that have passed over, Shelley is also able to communicate with animals. Again, I am speaking from my own experiences. I am an animal person and love my pets as if they were my children. My pets have communicated some pretty interesting things with Shelley. From my Black Labrador Retriever, Jake, discussing his obsession with playing ball, to my Yellow Lab discussing his sensitive digestive system and constant ear infections to Mama Kitty, who told Shelley about my family rescuing her and her five kittens from near death.


Today, I continue to take classes with Shelley. I have learned that I too have my own psychic abilities and am learning how to use them. I will always miss my husband, but through Shelley and everything that I have learned from her, I know I can communicate with him whenever I have the need to. My husband can’t be with us in the physical body, but he is always with my daughters and me in spirit. This, I know to be true. Thank you Shelley for sharing your gifts with so many people and making a difference in so many lives.






R.K., CA

A few years ago I was going through a depression and I was very upset over something personal that had happened in my life. I went to see a psychologist (not to say that they don’t work), but it didn’t work for me. I was a tormented soul. I could not live with guilt and was completely non-functioning as a human being. I decided to go to the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, CA. Something called me to go to Shelley Duffy.


I sat down quietly in front of her, said nothing. She held my hands, asked me my name, and then asked to hold one of my rings. She immediately started talking to me about what was going on in my life – a lot of detailed information no one knew. I just started crying. She provided me with such kindness, complete understanding for what I was going through, and comfort. Before she finished talking with me, she shocked me when she said that life is like school and if I quit, then I would flunk and have to start all over again. I had told no one that I had considered this and no one had any reason to believe I would…after all, I was a teacher who loved her job, I had two kids, a good relationship, and I was usually seemingly happy. From that day on, I put the past where it belongs. I can never say enough about how meeting with Shelley Duffy impacted my life.


Thank you, thank you so very much.


Jo, Brea, CA

 A year and a half ago my cousin told me about a psychic / medium at the Learning Light Foundation named Shelley Duffy. He felt she was very good and said I needed to go have a reading with her.


When I felt I could handle it I had a reading with her. Everything she said to me was right on. She held a picture of my dog “Dandy” and said he had passed before my dad–he had. She described his personality and his inquisitiveness with everything around him. Next, she held my dad’s dog tag. She knew I always carry it with me. She also described my dad’s personality and what he looked like. She was right on again. She even told me about conversations my dad and I had had many years before his passing. And then, she told me something I had prayed and wanted with all my heart. My dad and my beautiful Dandy were together as it should be–love never dies! Shelley also knew that my mother and I didn’t have a normal mother-daughter bond; she even asked if my mother was my stepmother!


Shelley is a beautiful and very gifted young lady who is a blessing to everyone who knows her. I was so afraid I’d fall apart on her when I had my reading, but she really knows how to make you feel comfortable and you can tell she cares.


Eileen, CA

My name is Eileen and I have been a student of Shelley’s for a little over one year. In that year, I believe I have learned a great deal about mediumship and psychic abilities. Shelley has helped me to understand that what I am experiencing is normal and is also shared by so many others. She has shared her own personal experiences and also what she has learned from her former teachers with our class to help us develop our own skills.


I have also received personal one on one readings from Shelley at the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim California.  While Shelley has gotten to know me personally because I am one of her students, she has given me validation after validation that my loved one’s were communicating with her. She gave me information that there is no way she could have known. I have lost grandparents, a cousin and also numerous pets and I have felt the want and need to connect with my loved one’s very much just as so many others do. Shelley has shared her special ability with me and helped me to reconnect with my loved one’s who have passed. She has also helped me to realize that my loved one’s are connecting with me out of love and that they too enjoy the process.


I am very happy to say that Shelley has also become a very dear friend. She has been supportive in my journey to learn more and more about mediumship. She has encouraged me to keep going, even when at times I have doubted myself. I feel very much that I was led to Shelley’s class and all the other exceptional people I have met there. We have become very close and learn a lot from one another. Shelley has helped all of us realize that we too can be successful in this work as she has done. I can never thank Shelley enough for all of her help and guidance. She has been a wonderful teacher, friend and also has become someone I trust very much to have readings with. I hope so many others can learn from her by taking her class or experience the love and joy she can bring to them by having a personal reading with her so they too can reconnect with their loved one’s who have passed.


Lisa, Westminster, CA

Mysterious occurrences intrigue me.  For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in metaphysics, but never knew much about it. What I did know was that there is something beyond the physical world in existence that has an affect on us. It wasn’t until about three years ago, when my boss and good friend Jay passed away that I really began my journey of exploring the other side. My best friend Jackie, my boss’ widow, and I dove in together. We began by talking about it quite often, reading metaphysical books, watching John Edward and James Van Praagh television shows (even attending one of Praagh’s tapings), having readings done, and finally taking classes at the Learning Light Center with Shelley Duffy as our teacher—where we have been for the past year and a half.


Through Shelley’s teachings, I have found the foundation of what and how metaphysics work and have learned to be open and more spiritual. It has made an extraordinary difference in my life. Not only in learning how to be more at peace and understanding of myself and others, but also how to meditate and stay open to communication from the other side.


Along with the classes, I go to Shelley for face-to-face readings.  Each and every reading has me eager to learn more. I am always astonished at how well Shelley is able to provide messages and validations from the other side. Some of the validations are related to descriptions of physicals around me, such as family members and co-workers. Other validations are descriptions and words from those who have deceased. For example, another good friend of mine who died a few years ago came through and described himself to Shelley as being one of ten, very short hair, and a real jokester, which described Calvin perfectly. He also pressed upon her the method of how he passed. In addition, sometimes there are communications of what’s happened to me in the past as well as some discussions of what’s to come, such as travel and romance. Learning about metaphysics and receiving messages from the other side through Shelley has been a positive experience, and with her angelic and friendly persona I always feel at ease.  It has been a pleasure being a student and a client of hers, and I plan to continue to be both for quite some time to come. Shelley has been a wonderful mentor. Thanks Shelley!



Westminster, CA.


Lance-Orange County, CA

Shelley gave me such a wonderful reading. I was so happy, every word was so right on track for me.
She gave me constructive and insightful advice. I don’t think I have ever received a reading that was so 100% accurate. Before and after the reading Shelley was in no hurry. It was nice. I didn’t feel rushed at all.


Thank You Shelley,

Lana-Orwigsburg, PA

I’d been researching mediums for a few weeks and attended James Van Praagh’s website special event last Tuesday when Shelley was the guest Medium.
Finally, the time felt right to set up my very first reading, and I did which was yesterday.
Shelley started a psychic reading for me and within minutes spirits were making themselves explicitly known. I never thought those kinds of things would happen for me. AMAZING and AWESTRUCK are just two of the many words to describe my feelings about my first experience. Shelley was 100% correct! She had let me record our half hour session to share with family who could also hear their loved ones come through.
I will never forget my first reading experience with Shelley. She is sweet, kind, funny and very knowledgeable. Plus, when my time was up, she didn’t cut us off immediately either.
I am so thankful for Shelley sharing her god given talents. I totally regret not doing a whole hour the first time.
I am rescheduling for next Thursday to finish my psychic reading.

Cynthia, Las Vegas, NV

 Hi Shelley…first of all I would like to say, Thank you so much for the time you allowed me during my reading. The things you told me about my late husband were all true and it made me feel better after talking to you. It has been a year now since he passed on and still, I am grieving over him…wishing he is still with me as always. You saw him in spirit and he is beside me, watching me always and that was an confirmation of what I always feel here in our home..I am always getting a chill (goose bumps) whenever I walk around from the hallway to our bedrooms, especially the kitchen where he makes his coffee every morning. When I am watching TV in our living room on the couch, I would suddenly feel “cold” because we would always watch TV together sitting beside each other sometimes my arms around his arms. I “talk” to him everyday…asking him if he wants coffee, or anything to eat..maybe this is a silly thing to do but whenever I do this, I feel better because I could sense that he is around. I wish he could even respond to me(?).


EVERYTHING you told me about him is absolutely TRUE and I would like to request another reading from you in another month or so. I feel better now.


Shelley, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are somebody special for me. I will surely tell my friends about you.


Take care and GOD BLESS…..

Jenny, Virginia

 I had a reading with Shelley in 2010. She told me about several of my pets who had passed. Very accurate information.


She also told me about issues coming up with my father’s health. My step father’s terminal illness came to light very shortly after the reading. He passed away in March and my father suddenly passed away recently.


The reading was very accurate and interesting. My recommendation to anyone is to get a reading from Shelley.

She is also very attuned to the person she is reading – very comfortable to talk to!

Heather, Ohio

I have had countless readings over the years. Everywhere from India to London to Los Angeles. And it is the rare occasion when a reader is so gosh darn accurate!


Only a few weeks in now, and with disbelief and wariness of the good fortune that Shelley said was on it’s way – not only what she said would happen has begun, but the timing was right on. A turn of events that seemed so unlikely.


Thank you Shelley for your humor and warmth! And for sharing your divine gift!

Susan, Long Island, New York


Hi Shelley,



I wanted to take the time to thank you for the reading you did, connecting my family with our beloved dog, Buddy. It was amazing. You gave my family great comfort.


I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on some of the things you pinpointed in the reading. When you started the reading, you mentioned an “accident”. That was amazing. When my husband and I knew something bad was going on with Buddy, we contacted my son who was in Rhode Island at college. Buddy and my son were very close, as we all were, but there is always that special bond between boy and dog.


Anyway, my son, Peter, drove all night to get home to see Buddy, who was in the hospital at the time. Peter got to see Bud but because the nursing staff was present in the room, he felt embarrassed to show emotion and talk out loud to the dog. After my son left the hospital, he regretted he didn’t say enough and drove back to the hospital (which was over a 45 minute drive each way). This time, my husband made sure the hospital room was cleared and Peter and Buddy had their time together. When my son left NY, he headed back to school and while driving back, he was crying about Buddy, misjudged and hit the car in front of him. The following day, Buddy passed. So, starting the reading off with that event was very, very significant.


What was also significant is that you knew we had Buddy euthanized at home. I realize doing so is not the norm and the fact that you picked up on that was truly incredible. Thank you so much for telling us Buddy’s release was smooth and comforting. Buddy only deserved the best because he is the best of souls.


Anyway, thank you for everything. It gave us great comfort. For me, I feel like I can stop crying everyday now and talk about Buddy with laughter rather than tears. I know that is what Buddy would want. I am also grateful you told me there was nothing I could have done to prevent his passing. I am the type of person that won’t quit until I exhaust every possibility and the fact that I missed signs of his illness broke me. However, your reading has begun the healing process for all of us. And for that, there are not enough words that can express our gratitude.






Brittany, Orange County, CA

I sought out Shelley from the JVP website. I was really pleased with the amount of information she knew. She was very casual and calm and it really made me feel more relaxed. She also helped me understand why I was put on this Earth and sort of pointed me in the direction I needed to go, also helping me to understand things I never thought anyone could understand.


Thanks Shelley. I look forward to your help in the future.



My reading with Shelley was awesome!


I was wanting to connect with my mother in spirit and sure enough, there she was! Shelley gave very specific detail of my mother’s illness and exactly where she passed along with other things only I would know.


I am a true believer in Shelley and her gifts.


Thank you Shelley,




Jeannie, New York

Dear Shelley,


I treated myself to a reading with you as a birthday gift for myself. I have had a couple of readings from other folks in the past, and generally have been disappointed with them, except for one, with George Anderson.


When I saw you listed on the James Van Praagh website, I got a good vibe from that, and also from your entire website.


I’d like to thank you for the reading and your generosity. You answered all of my questions and gave me clarity on some key issues. I especially enjoyed the info on my dog, and I have to say, you were right on target with her.  🙂


I plan to do another reading, (next time I’ll do 1 hour), and look forward to talking to you again at some point in the future.


All the Best,




Rich, New York


My beloved cat passed away on 2/24/2010, so I contacted Shelley for a 30 minute reading, which she granted on 2/28/2010.


I would first like to comment that her manner and style is so easy and comfortable. Any nervousness, (this was my first contact with someone of this type), was gone almost immediately.


She also went over the 30 minutes without any charges, and without even the slightest indication of wanting to get off of the phone when the allotted time was up.


She was accurate on several accounts which would be hard to account for, without accepting an ability to communicate with something beyond the “living world”, as is commonly defined by that term.


She mentioned the number 6, the only number that she ever mentioned. That is the number of years I was with my little friend. She also mentioned she saw the bed and something hanging over the sides. I didn’t even remember how the bed looked but when I went home, I saw that the blanket on the bed was laid out wrong, and it was touching the ground on the sides. She mentioned a favorite bowl, which was something strange because there WAS a bowl he loved, and would drink water from, no matter where I put it, and despite the fact that there was always fresh water closer to him, than that bowl. He loved that bowl! She mentioned that my cat was very male and rugged. In fact, he would chase animals from the yard, including, other cats, raccoons, ground hogs, etc.


And perhaps most amazingly,  we were discussing when he first joined me, as a charming stray cat, that came to my door.  Initially, I let him in, but he attacked my other cats and I put him back outside.
Much to my joy, he found a way back in! It was through a small basement window, where he jumped onto a washing machine. Shelley mentioned the “washing machine” as we were discussing this event.


Losing a loved one is never easy, but knowing one day you will see them again, makes something so unbearable, merely~ exceedingly painful.


Anne, San Diego, CA

I want to thank you, Shelley, for the opportunity to make sure that everything that I thought would be, is becoming a reality for me.


Everything that she said made me more confident and hopeful for the future.


Love, Anne


Belene, Philippines


Dear Shelley,


I just wanted to say thank you for the reading yesterday. You made me feel at ease and comfortable. I am very satisfied with the reading. I would have liked to extend it for another 30 minutes.


I enjoyed hearing your comments about my dogs. I would love to hear some more! Ha ha ha!


I hope to see you again and maybe have another reading.





Light Infinity Wellness Centre~Philippines  




I just wanted to follow up on a couple of things you told me, that I didn’t quite put together when I visited you.


You said that someone, maybe my daughter, had brought a picture or wall ornament, with leaves and things like that on it, into the house recently. I told you that I thought it must be me, changing pictures around all the time since my husband passed away. As soon as I got home and saw the “ornament” my daughter purchased at an antique sale, with oak leaves and acorns on it, I knew that is what it was. She bought it the week after we buried her father, whose headstone has oak leaves on it.


One other thing~you had seen a woman in spirit, dressed all in black from head to toe. You asked if I had had a picture of her, but I couldn’t think of who it could be. My daughter came across a picture of my mother-in-law’s stepmother, dressed in black from head to toe, with a black hat on. She took in my husband, his brother and their mother, when my father-in-law passed away, and all of my husbands family is buried alongside her.


Thanks for your help. I will see you again sometime.


Cynthia, “The Bible Belt”

I just wanted to send  you a quick note of gratitude for sharing your gift with me yesterday on my birthday. I have been searching for some answers and direction for sometime now and your candid observations have placed the missing piece I have been looking for to complete the picture. There was an incredible comfort in hearing from you what my heart had been whispering for so long.


Really amused with Dad knowing my “to do list”.  He was right on target! I will get the garbage disposal fixed next week!


Most importantly, I shared the info with my spouse we had talked about for his healing and it had an instant, profound effect on him and myself.


Many Blessings,




Laura, Orange County, CA

I want to thank Shelley for connecting me to my loved one. You were so accurate with everything you told me.


I appreciate what you have done….to have taken the extra time to make the reading a very accurate one. You were so patient and did not rush my time with you.


Thank you for having him come through. I needed to confirm a lot of what I already felt. And you were the one put in my path to help me with this closure, but even more, as a kind of back up to what I had already sensed, (relating to his state of mind). You spoke of him as he was, and what I found amazing was not what he said, but the kind of person you sensed he was. It was as if you knew him like I did.


After the reading I kept seeing a spot coming toward me…dark and then colorful. It was kind of like an orb, but colorful. I now know a lot of it is not my imagination!  Thank you for clarifying that for me.


This that you do…is amazing and helps an immense amount.


Eternally Grateful~ 🙂


Glenda, Maryland

Dear Shelley,


I came to update and validate your reading even more. EVERYTHING you said was totally correct.


In your reading you brought so many of our loved ones through. My main reason was to make sure my Step Dad had crossed. He had unbearable pain from his illness and the medication no longer worked. He had committed suicide just two weeks prior to the reading you gave me. You not only brought him through, but you recited the entire eulogy I read at the funeral. Even the pages I had lost! I felt Daddy knew I couldn’t stand up there and read all that.


Well Spirit also told you I had the ability to communicate with spirit.  Shelley, I am a Psychic Medium and do readings. It is the in-person and group readings I wish to tell you about. In your reading, you said that there was a little white dog. You insisted that it was a white dog that would help me with my gifts. My Laddie Boy assisted me, but he was a dark color, and has passed into the light. My Precious Pup is still here with me and assists me with barking, but she is a blonde tan color mostly. You kept talking about this little white dog that would help me tune-in my gifts. Well, you were right! My assistant’s little dog is white. She is in almost all the pictures of the group readings that I give. She meets me at my car when I go to my assistants house to do readings. It is so amazing! She lets me know when animal spirits are present. Once when I was giving a reading, she came up to me and put her front paws on my knees and just stared. I knew it was time to bring a pet spirit through.


I am forever grateful for the part you have played in my journey~


Love and Blessings,


Glenda xxxx


Stephanie, Aiken, SC

Shelley read for me this weekend about a variety of things, but two things stand out in my mind are that Shelley is an extremely sensitive and nice person, and that she is incredibly perceptive.


She picked up on some energy from my dog, Mr. Winston, and my mother. She was able to give me some very true details about my situation, and was able to make me feel better about it.


I will be scheduling another reading with her in the near future!


Steve, Huntington Beach, CA

This was the first time I have ever had a reading.


Shelley was very accurate in everything.


It has been 30 years since my father passed away. The autopsy report read “unknown cause of death”. Shelley was able to communicate with him, and it was learned through her communication and verification of  facts that only my family knew, that her reading was accurate to the cause of his death.


She brought closure to our family.


Shelley is a great psychic and medium.


Christine, Glendora, CA

Shelley did a reading for me a while ago, about 6 months after my father passed on. My reading was on the same day that my mother-in-law passed. Shelley was able to help me connect with both of them, and knew names and specific information. This reading was the only thing that helped me move on from the deep grief of losing my father. Immediately after my reading, I knew my dad was happy and in a good place-I had validation of that, not just someone saying it in a cliche way.


No words can express my gratitude for helping me move on.

lisa 11 September 2012 | Syracuse NY

New Guest – Glad to find Shelley – Anxiously awaiting my reading….So Excited !  🙂


Ann Baldwin 23 June 2012

Hi Shelley,
I enjoyed connecting with you and our discussion this morning ~ congrats on your interview on IE Radio ~ talk with you soon.
Ann xoxoxo  🙂

Lana 02 December 2011 | Orwigsburg, PA

 I am thankful I joined James Van Praagh’s chat room last week to meet you online!
I had my first reading and look forward to scheduling my next.
I am thankful for you!  🙂

Deborah Mathews 25 January 2011 | California

Hi Shelley,
Just wanted to say Hi to you. I was on your chat tonight on the James Van Praagh site all about Chakras, Auras and meditation.
I was also at JVP’s Halloween event 10-30 & 31 last year 2010. I met you at the New Orleans breakfast and at the Sunrise Park later on. I was sitting to the right of your friend. I enjoyed my time there with you all. Tell your friend I said Hi and that I enjoyed her conversation.
When I get back to work I would like a reading with you and learn to advance my abilities.

Anita 03 February 2011 | New Jersey

Hi Shelley:
Missed you on the JVP Chat Room. Too late to get in.
I wish I could talk to you. So many questions…unanswered.

Glenda Abell 16 February 2009| Maryland

Just stopping in to say hello. It has been awhile. I also came by to validate more of the reading you gave me, which seems now a long time ago.
I will be forever grateful for the part you played in my journey.


Love & Blessings, Glenda xxx

Althea Spence-Pavaci 20 June 2008

My name is Althea and while I haven’t had the pleasure of a reading with Shelley yet she answered my email today and it felt like I had just been given the greatest Christmas gift.
I am calling this afternoon to schedule a reading and I don’t just believe, I know, that I have been led to her through God and my spiritual guides.
I look forward to coming back to the web site to let everyone know what a blessing she is, as it seems all who come here already know.

Amy Dunbinsky 29 June 2008 | Martinez, CA

Thank you for your reading. I needed to know my son had crossed over.
Your kindness and the information you provided has touched my heart and I am forever grateful.

Michelle Gronewold 29 April 2008

Hi Shelley!
I used to take your psychic development classes a while back-I loved them! Are you still doing those?

ALA 17 November 2007| Maryland

Dear Shelley,

This is my first time to your website and it is incredibly beautiful! I am the niece of Glenda. I am the girl who placed the poem on my Grandpa’s heart, to validate again your reading. It gave me chills and inspiration when I listened to the reading. You weren’t sure why it felt like he had this poem with him, but that is why, because I placed it on his heart before they closed the casket. Thank you for the validation that my Grandpa has the poem with him and he is still very much a part of my life. 

Love and Light always, ALA(Ashley)

prissy101 05 October 2007 | Maryland

Dear Shelley,
You updated your site and it is as beautiful as it was before. Its been awhile since I talked to you.
Awesome calm feeling here.
Love and Blessings to you always. So grateful you share your love and light to many.

Bruce Dwyer 06 July 2007 | Washington State

Love your web site.
I’m going to get an Appt. for a reading as soon as I get home from vacation!


Ivana Blancarte 06 July 2007

Looking forward to more great readings!

Juanita 16 November 2006 | Midwest

JVP Referred. Great site!
I checked here before in Oct. Looking forward to a reading soon, Thx!

Carolyn 26 October 2006 | Marion, Ohio

I read the chat logs from JVP and wanted to stop by and say hello.


Carolyn  🙂

Dolly 31 August 2006 | Illinois

HI Shelley, enjoyed the chat at JVP and meeting you.


Dolly  🙂

Bette (BJM) 19 July 2006 | Michigan

Nice job on the seminar tonight Shelley! Thank you sooo much for sharing your wonderful energy and all of that good information.
My chakras feel as though they’ve been polished to a gleam!

Kathy G. 26 February 2006 | Long Island, New York

Like your web site. Got your site through James Van Praggh. I would love a reading from you, but I cannot afford it right now as I am going through some major financial hardship………..You must be very good at what you do since James has referred you. I hope I can get a reading from you soon.
Thank-you very much!!!
Kathy G.

Cheryl 13 January 2006 | Klamath Falls, OR

Thank you for visiting with me while I was standing in the snow storm. Your reading was right on and helped me a lot.

I really look forward to the next time.  🙂

Connie 11 December 2005

Many thanks again for the reading you did for me back in September. You brought clarity and helped me find the answers I was looking for.
I appreciate your consideration.

Andrea 04 December 2005 | Georgia

Thank you Shelley for such a great telephone reading.

You truly made a difference to me and my family. Thank you so very much.

weezyljm 29 November 2005| Florida

Found your site through The Learning Light Foundation..Wish I lived in California to be able to attend classes,etc., but will settle for access to your site and theirs.
Love your website. Will check for more info on long distance readings.

Cheryl 04 November 2005 | Oregon

I watched ET tonight with James Van Praagh and somehow ended up on your web site.
There are no mistakes, right?

Mike Mace 24 August 2005 | Anaheim, California

Hello Shelley,

What a great website! I appreciate your help on the items I bring you.

Joy in ALL,


Michael Way 19 August 2005

Hi Shelley,
Congratulations again on your web-site and thanks again for another great reading.
I wish Learning Light wasn’t so far away but your readings are well worth the drive!
Michael Way  🙂

McKenzie 09 April 2005 | Anaheim Hills

Hi Shelley,

I met you briefly yesterday at the Psychic Fair. I am so glad that I did! I can see why you have so many devoted and loyal fans/friends. Your Tuesday night class has been recommended to me as a good “starting” point. So…..I hope there is room for 1 more!!

See you the day after tomorrow,
McKenzie Kiely

Lisa 28 February 2005 | Westminster, CA

Hi Shelley,
The web site is really coming along nicely. It’s fun checking it all out and reading what everyone has to say.
I also wanted to thank you for all you do!
Love ya,
Lisa  🙂

Sharon Dobbins 16 February 2005 | From my living-room

Congrats with your website Shelley!!  🙂

Robert Brown 15 February 2005 | England

Dear Shelley,
Wonderful news that you have your website up and running.
Very best wishes,
Robert Brown

Laura, Virginia

Shelley is a wonderful down to earth person that is very accurate in her readings. She has given me detailed information regarding my past loved ones as well as future events that have all come to pass!


Thank you Shelley for all the help you have given to people around the world! 🙂

Laura Clark

Karen, Hacienda Heights, CA

I heard about Shelley from a friend when I lived in CA.
She told me things that I knew were true and described
my pups as though they were in front of her, which they actually
are. I can still hear her descriptions and “forwarded”
communications and they bring me much comfort to this day.


Now it is 7 years later and I need to know what happened to a
beloved friend of mine and my mother’s.
I know exactly who can tell me, so I’m back again.


The best thing Shelley told me was that dogs don’t feel the same way
about death that we do, which has really been a consolation.
And I can believe that, because no one knows animals like
Shelley does, especially the ones people like us need and
want to hear from.

I will post again after my new appointment.

Robert, Huntington Beach, CA

I had the pleasure of having a reading with Shelley at a time when my own spiritual abilities were awakening at a very young age. Shelley had no knowledge of who I was, but as soon as I sat down for a reading she immediately told me that I had a great gift of healing and mediumship. She confirmed exactly what I needed to hear and instructed me how to develop my gifts to their fullest potential. Shelley’s accuracy is outstanding!!! A true Medium gives specific details about the afterlife and she does more than that. Best medium I have ever come across and I do not make recommendations lightly, nor do I usually give people testimonials. I had to make an exception for her readings since mine was 100% accurate!!


She works extremely well when objects are handed to her of the living or deceased such as a necklace or ring. She began telling me personal details about those on the other side who were around me to which I recognized immediately. She would get their full names which blew me away! A personal example is when she picked up on one of my grandpa’s in spirit. She not only described him in detail, she got his name right away and gave personal details about “how he passed”, and even gave some warnings to be careful on things coming up, which also proved to be correct. Without her advice I would not have been as successful as I am now.


Her honesty and the way she gives her readings are filled with positivity and humor. One of things that sets Shelley apart and helps her to stand out among other Mediums is her ability to not rush you through the reading, nor does she ask questions. She just starts talking allowing the information from spirit to channel through her effortlessly.


She even went over the time limit during my reading because I had a few more questions at the end. (Book the full hour!!). She is someone who genuinely cares about the people she is reading for. I recommend Shelley to everyone who asks for a recommendation of an excellent Medium/psychic and everyone I have referred her to has had amazing results. I wish there was some way she could get some type of “Mediumship Award” or her Own Television Show for all the assistance and accuracy.


You will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED with a reading from her! SHE’s THE REAL DEAL!!

Jill, CA

Thank you so much for the reading on Saturday. You gave my son and I so much comfort with the passing of our sweet, girl Alex. I found your “insights” from and about Alex to be spot on. Also your knowledge about animals (dogs) and their behaviors and their thought process regarding life and death extremely reassuring. I had some guilt prior to our speaking, but now I’m at peace with her passing.

Although we of course are still grieving and miss her, we know now she is at peace and in a good place.

Jacqueline, CA

This was my 1st Reading. I did it because I wanted to see if it was real; and at the same time, I felt like I was standing in a hole while life passes me by.


Shelley and I spoke like we knew each other. Not easy for me, because I’m pretty quiet and shy. I’m also a very private person and was afraid a wall would be up and she wouldn’t be able to tell me much of anything.


I reclined at home relaxed and my palms upward and avoided crossing my arms, legs or ankles.


Shelley got in there and read me like a book. She even had NAMES!!! A few things that I didn’t think had anything to do with me, I later, after the reading remembered. and was like “Oh yeeeeaaaah……she was riiiiight……that’s who she meant!”.


As time passes, I giggle to myself and say “Yep, just like she said….”!


Three friends will contact her soon for a reading. It will make a great gift for someone too.


Thank you Shelley!


Highly Favored
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA