James Van Praagh
World famous Spiritual Medium, Television Personality and Author.

Shelley is recommended by James on his website in three categories: Spiritual Medium; Psychic; and Animal Communicator. (Located on his “Resources” page, under Practitioners)

World Famous Medium James Van Praagh and Me!


Shawn Stengel

Shawn is a medium that visits houses to confirm the presence and/or identity of spirits. Shawn has known about his gift as a medium since he was a young child, and has taken Shelley’s mediumship classes. He is also effective and accurate at obtaining information from pictures and objects. Best Psychic Directory

Best Psychic Directory is the LARGEST resource with the most CREDIBLE and REPUTABLE psychics & mediums in the world. You’ll find psychics & mediums based on LOCATION or SPECIALTY, and you can read public REVIEWS of them! For the original psychic and medium resource founded by psychic & medium RESEARCHER and AUTHOR, Bob Olson, visit (Shelley is listed as a reputable psychic/medium in Bob Olson’s “Best Psychic Directory”.)

Health and Healers

Livon Labs

World famous Lypo-Spheric supplements for health and anti-aging. They are most known for their vitamin C, but they have many other vitamins/antioxidants to choose from as well. Feel the difference!!



Ant-Radiation, Cell Phone and Laptop cases. Radiation Shielding Technology-FCC Lab tested. Blocks up to 99% of radiation. Stylish and reasonably priced. Protect yourself and your family from daily radiation exposure.


 Animal/Pet Resources

Petmasters Pet Services Marketplace:


Out of Body Experiences

Albert Taylor
Author of “Soul Traveler” a Guide to Out of Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond and the founder of Paranormal Research Investigations. Albert has been a frequent guest on “Coast to Coast” radio show over the years, with Art Bell and now with George Noory.

Soul TravellerMe, Albert Taylor-author of "Soul Traveler"- and client Jo Mc Cormick


Rick Borutta – Evolutionary Astrology

Rick interprets your chart as if it were a map of your soul, or personal archetypes. Evolutionary Astrology empowers you to make your own choices by making the planetary influences conscious rather than using them to predict positive or negative fates. More information can be found at

Rick Borutta and Elaine Stritch


Intuitive Astrological Imagery By Sharyn. Natal charts and so much more….Through an understanding of the planets and their cosmic energies, Sharyn can explain the ways that these powerful beings affect your life. Whether it’s everyday situations that occur or the long range experiences to come, you can see what patterns have been set up for you. For Readings call: (714) 253-2310 or Email at


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Inspirational People

Shirley MacLaine

Oscar Winning Actress, Dancer, Best Selling Author~Website includes Chat Rooms, Message Boards and her very popular IE Radio Show.   Shelley was interviewed on her radio show. Listen here~



Julie Newmar

Actress, Dancer, Tony Award Winner~Best Known and Loved as the Original and “Best” Catwoman in the 1960’s TV Show “Batman”. Check out her new book “The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth” at

Julie Newmar


Terry Cole Whittaker

World Famous Inspirational Speaker, Author, Teacher of Spiritual Principles for Success, Life Coach to the Stars and Everyone Else!!

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