Shelley Duffy - Psychic Medium/Animal Communicator

Shelley Duffy - Psychic Medium/Animal Communicator
Sunday, 29 May 2016
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I just wanted to follow up on a couple of things you told me, that I didn't quite put together when...

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lisa    11 September 2012 04:46 | Syracuse NY
New Guest - Glad to find Shelley - anxiously awaiting my reading....So Excited ! :)

Ann Baldwin    23 June 2012 19:38 |
Hi Shelley,
I enjoyed connecting with you and our discussion this morning ~ congrats on your interview on IE Radio ~ talk with you soon.
Ann xoxoxo :)

lana    02 December 2011 17:52 | Orwigsburg, PA
:p I am thankful I joined James Van Praagh's chat room last week to meet you online! I had my first reading and look forward to scheduling my next. I am thankful for you!

Anita    03 February 2011 12:14 | New Jersey
Hi Shelley: Missed you on the JVP Chat Room. Too late to get in. I'm in the same situation as Kathy G, and about 4 hrs ago, a kitten I was trying to help, passed. I only had her inside 3 l/2 wks. I wish I knew if she was happy during her stay and if she liked the name I gave her. I wish I could talk to you. So many questions...unanswered. Thanks for listening.

Deborah Mathews    25 January 2011 18:16 | California
Hi Shelley.
Just wanted to say Hi to you. I was on your chat tonight on the James Van Praagh site all about Chakras, Auras and meditation. I was also at JVP's Halloween event 10-30 & 31 last year 2010. I met you at the New Orleans breakfast and at the Sunrise Park later on. I was sitting to the right of your friend. I enjoyed my time there with you all. Tell your friend I said Hi and that I enjoyed her conversation. When I get back to work I would like a reading with you and to advance my abilities.

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